BANKSY is one of Britain’s most-loved contemporary artists — but future generations may never get to see the street paintings that have won so many fans.

The recent hacking of one mural from a wall is just one of many sad fates suffered by the elusive graffiti artist’s works.

Eye-catching Slave Labour, showing a boy making Union Jack bunting on a sewing machine, was chiselled off the side of a Poundland store in Wood Green, north London.

It then almost immediately showed up for auction in Miami.

Eager auctioneers expected it to make £460,000, based on the prices of portable pieces made by the artist specifically to be sold.

But they had to withdraw it at the last minute last week after an uproar.

In fact, the murals are worthless if they are ripped from their settings, as they are seen as stolen goods and Banksy will refuse to give his all-important authentication.

But even if they do remain on their original walls, they are not always safe, a Sun investigation has revealed.

Some have been vandalised, some painted over by well-meaning bunglers and some have just faded away into ghosts of themselves — victims of time and weather.


A bridge too far?

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Street Art Graphitti Death Gamble

These guys in Central America are showing commitment to their artistic cause.

nutters 001   nutter 003nutters 002

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Roped In

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Fuck the Police

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caught red handed

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Etsy is an ecom site focused on handmade or items as well as art and craft.

Icon Art avaliable

Rock On Icon

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Icon Industries ‘Antlerman’ make an on stage appearance with Elk Redemption.

The band who describe themselves as ‘A cosmic storm of majestic cajon fury, accompanying the acoustic experimentation of three alcohol-fueled manbeasts on a higher train of consequence’.

More music on their My Space
Or like them on Facebook

Rock on like Elk Redemption and purchase your own Antlerman t-shirt at

Supermarket Sweep

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Southfields high street paste up opposite a new Tescos metro.

Totally agree, support your local businesses.


Icon Industries have been busy preparing new artworks for Camden Lock Market.

Check us out 9.30 -6.oo Sat 20th Oct

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